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Expansion in the North American Market

  • Market innovation
  • Solution for existing problems with wild fires and Hurricanes
  • Sustainable and green construction system

Luca Industries International entered a game changing long term cooperation with North America´s Rok-On™ Building Systems . Both parties agreed on a strategic market launch of an innovative construction material changing the future of the construction market. Within this alliance Luca Industries installed recently the first manufacturing plant in Reno, NV for the manufacturing of a fully incombustible and recyclable LithoPore® Aerated Concrete - LPAC core. The core is reducing the overall CO 2 footprint of the construction material and offering now a fully green solution to Rok-On™. Both parties agreed to set up several plants in the upcoming years. This cooperation is addressing the continuous problems of existing building methods in North America with wild fires, Hurricanes and tremendous weather changes.

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