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Mission "Game Changer" started in the USA

  • Mission "Game Changer"
  • non combustible
  • sustainable
  • environmental friendly
  • recycable

We hereby announce another insulation material plant coming up in the USA. The plant will produce the ultra light weight LithoPore® Aerated Concrete - LPAC with only 90-110 kg/m³ (5.6-6.9 pcf) dry density. The product is used within an existing structural wall system named ROK-ON™ Building System . The plant is just the first step within the whole North American spreading of this advanced construction method. Both companies agreed on a longterm cooperation to combine the two fields of expertise and to expand aggressively in the next upcoming years.

This new product will be a "Game Changer" for the North American construction market, addressing the need for sustainable, non-combustible, recyclable and environmental friendly construction materials. A strong reply on the steadily available problems of wild fires, hurricanes, mold and mildew.

Luca Industries International is setting another milestone in the field of ultra light weight LithoPore® Aerated Concrete - LPAC with this industrial application in opposite to other competitors and is strengthening the world market leadership in this field.