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Company History 

The company of Dr. Lucà & Partner came into being through the merging of Dr. Lucà & Sohn GbR (founded in 1991) and the Department for Technical Biochemistry of the Institute for Experimentation, Training and the Manufacturing of Spirit and Fermentation Technology (VLSF, founded in 1857) a long-standing experimental and training establishment with a rich tradition in fermentation technology and the manufacturing of spirit at the Institute for Fermentation and Biotechnology (IfGB). Dr. Lucà & Partner was than renamed in 2015 into Luca Industries International.

As a family enterprise, Luca Industries International develops biotechnological and chemical products for process optimisation, produces these at its own production sites and supplies them for practical application in industry. The main point of focus in respect of bio-technological products is centred on enzymatic products. 

In-House Research and Development

In this sector, the enterprise based in Berlin with its own Research and Development Department can look back on more than 40 years of research experience in the enzymatic field under the leadership of Dr.-Ing. Sebastiano F. Lucà.

Lean structures and efficient manufacturing processes enable competitive prices coupled with a high quality of the products. With Luca Industries International you acquire the products direct from the manufacturer.

Application Technology / Industrial Consulting / Process Optimisation

Naturally, every product has to be developed to full application maturity on the market. This is where large-scale technical application in industry is indispensable. Luca Industries International is therefore constantly on the lookout for industrial partners in the various different fields of application. For this, numerous research are being conducted together with industry. Products from Luca Industries International are tailored and optimised together with industry to meet the individual needs of each user.

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