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Approval of Masa-LithoPore® insulation board by DIBt, Germany

Substitution for expanded polysterene (EPS)
We are very much delighted to announce that the much awaited approval of Masa-LithoPore® Technology has been issued by Deutsche Institute of Bautechnik (DIBt). DIBt is basically the center of competence in civil engineering in Germany. It is the only legal authority to grant technical approvals for construction products and systems.

The approval has been officially released on January 14th, 2015 and is valid until January 14th, 2020.

Background of Masa-LithoPore® Technology
Dr. Lucà & Partner has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Masa Group - one of the leading mechanical engineering companies in the field of aereted concrete.

The co-operation parties offer a turnkey production system for insulation boards under the brand name Masa-LithoPore® as well as LithoPore75 and LithoPore150.

Contrary to the conventionally autoclaved aerated concrete the Masa-LithoPore® Technology gets along with an athermal and therewith environmental friendly, CO2 - reducing curing process.

Especially the environmentally questionable polystyrene plates can be now substituted. For further information please click here.

Following products are now approved:

LithoPore75 with a dry density of 75 to 85 Kg/m3 and a thermal conductivity of 0.0398 W/(m*K), equivalent to an R-value per inch of 3.62.

LithoPore150 with a dry density of 140 to 155 Kg/m3 and a thermal conductivity of 0.0518 W/(m*K), equivalent to an R-value per inch of 2.78.


LithoPore Applications

LithoPore Applications

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LithoPore Academy

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